ArchiNama Introduction


ArchiNama is a brainchild of two entrepreneur Architects graduated from COMSATS Islamabad. The company offers various services along the lines of Architecture, covering different stages of a project from design to completion, all under one roof. The franchise also boasts a widely popular Architecture magazine, providing people a source of information and keeping the team of ArchiNama up-to-date with local and international trends and ideas.

  • ArchiNama

    ArchiNama Design is equipped with an array or services in the fields of Architecture, Design and Engineering. Planning and designing of buildings plus Interior design are the main focus, while Graphic and Product design take on as an intergral part of the department. Learn More

  • ArchiNama

    ArchiNama Magazine is the first bilingual and the second monthly architecture magazine of Pakistan. It is the best source of obtaining knowledge of the architecture related happenings from this region. From events coverage to architectural thesis publications, from design to architectural photography, ArchiNama Magazine provides a roundup of 'ALL THINGS' relating architecture. Learn More

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    ArchiNama Constructions takes on the task of implementing the designs into reality. From planning to physical existant form with professoinals of the field. The ace in the construction department is the Distant Surveillance Capability (DSC) that lets a client observe progress through ArchiNama Construction's video portal. Learn More